Mitzy Kennis


  • My poster got accepted for the ESTSS conference in Rotterdam in June on the evidence for learning theories on PTSD in veterans. I work on this project with Annemarie Farren and Anna Keramali, students of Clinical Psychology.
  • I received the Liesbeth Woertman Award for Junior Teachers in Psychology, a special acknowledgement for teaching contributions. I am very happy with this award and will keep performing my teaching tasks with enthusiasm and joy!
  • After submitting a preproposal for a personal grant (Veni) I got selected to work out a full proposal.
  • To organise a Clinical Psychology Symposium on Diversity (20 February 2019) I got a grant from the Diversity Task Force from Utrecht University. This will include workshops on Diversity topics and also provides the opportunity for master students to present their master thesis or internship. Further, students can be involved in organisation of the symposium in order to obtain an honours gratification for a clinical psychology course. The aim of the symposium is to strengthen cohesion among the divers clinical psychology community in Utrecht.


Research projects:

I am working on a big meta-analysis project about depression. This project will provide new insights in biological and psychological factors involved in depression. Furthermore, I am involved in a project on ‘how you see yourself’. We are running studies to investigate the clinical value of a subjective self-portrait created with reverse correlation. More information about this study or willing to participate? Go to the UU sona website.


I am involved in courses for the bachelor Psychology and master Clinical Psychology. Furthermore, I am involved in supervising bachelor/master theses and internships. I am developing “knowledge clips” for our methods and statistics course and contributing to internationalization of our program. Furthermore I am coordinator of the honours program, during which students can acquire additional experiences in the field of clinical psychology.

Research interest:

As an enthusiastic PhD in neuroimaging, I am intrigued by individual differences in experiencing and processing traumatic experiences. In particular, studying direct effects of treatment on the brain to disentangle treatment mechanisms fascinates me, and I am willing to contribute to translate neurobiological findings in to therapeutical tools. Furthermore, I am interested in investigating the overlap and distinction between mood and anxiety disorders to provide information which may lead to better treatment in the future. My goal is to contribute to research that will lead to developing better strategies to improve coping with negative life events.

After obtaining a bachelor degree in Biology and a Master degree in Neuroscience at Utrecht University, I started as a research assistant, and continued as PhD candidate at the Military Mental Healthcare and University Medical Center, Utrecht. I investigated neurobiological effects of PTSD treatment with connectivity analyses, such as resting state fMRI and DTI analyses. As a part of my training I visited Ned Kalin’s lab, at University of Wisconsin, Madison. Currently, I am working on a meta-analysis investigating biological predictors for depression.


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